random ranting

I’m such a noob with any kind of computer language. Why does it never look like I want it to?
And why the heck does that Goodreads widget doesn’t look like shown on Goodreads? I don’t mean the flash one, I know that doesn’t work on wordpress.com, but the other one, where it says it fits in anywhere. And fitting in it does, but it looks stupid. There’s too much space between the bookcovers. And I have no idea why it looks like it should on Goodreads but not on my blog. Argh, I think I will sign up for HTML and CSS classes at the local  adult education center.
And here I thought blogging was easy.


3 thoughts on “random ranting

  1. I’m talking about the grid widget on Goodreads. It should display the covers of my to-read bookshelf in a nice looking grid, but there is too much space between the covers and the covers aren’t displayed next too each other like shown on Goodreads. I just copied and pasted the code and thought I should look like shown, but it doesn’t. I have no idea which changes I have to make so it looks like I want it too.

    • Could be the theme’s css style. Some themes make every link in the sidebar appear as a block, which basically means that they are displayed below eachother. Some say that images have to have a margin and padding of i.e. 5 px on each side. (I’ve had issues with one particular widget just a few weeks ago and was too lazy to take a closer look, so I just deleted it.. Hrm.)

  2. Generally, it is. Except for the moments where blogging suddenly is not easy at all. Can I help you somehow? even though I have to admit that I have no idea which plugin you are talking about right now. There are way too many.

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