Memorable Monday #2

This Meme is hosted by Escape In A Book

I chose another quote from Daughter of Smoke and Bone for today.

“So, if it’s all chemical and you have no say in the matter, does that mean Jackass still makes your butterflies dance?”
Karou looked up. “God no. I think he makes my butterflies barf.

The thought of barfing butterflies in one’s stomach still makes me smile.

Have a nice Monday everyone!


8 thoughts on “Memorable Monday #2

  1. What an awesome quote! As I’m not a native speaker I had to look up the word barf, so not only you shared a wonderful quote, but you also made me learn new vocabulary. Yay for that! 😀 Seems like a very interesting idea though. I’m not sure if I wanted barfing butterflies in my stomach though.

    • Since butterflies are cute, wouldn’t butterfly barf also be cute ( in case barf can be cute) Since they eat nectar and are very tiny, they wouldn’t barf too much and their barf would be sweet.
      I’m also not a native speaker so I have to look up words or phrases on regualr basis.

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